“If you want to go quickly go alone. If you want to go far go together.” (African proverb) 

About Us

Changing reality requires cooperation across sectors. How can it be done?

The Sustainability Transition Lab to Reduce Food Waste in Israel works to create a wide cooperation among all stakeholders, for solving a common problem.
The model aims at innovative, practical solutions, that can be implemented and reproduced and will lead to changes in the Israeli market and society.

The first lab process is focusing on the problem of food waste in Israel. The process was officially launched in 2016, in partnership with more than 40 organizations, across all sectors.

The Natural Step Israel acts to promote strategic sustainability in the Israeli society, using the lens of innovation and quality. Our mission is to drive a systemic change process aiming for a sustainable society in Israel: a healthy, fair and happy society that thrives in its natural environment. The organization is part of the global TNS network, that combines up-to-date scientific knowledge with innovative tools from within, as well as outside, the sustainability world.


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