Global Food Waste Week March 12

Join The Natural Step Israel in marking March 7th to 12th as the National Food Waste Day. The week will be marked annually to raise awareness to the global problem as well as to the solutions, in collaboration with organizations and individuals, in Israel and worldwide

The purpose of FWD is to draw attention to the global plague of food waste and encourage adoption of solutions throughout the production and consumption chain: from the fields, through the factories, retailers, hotels, restaurants, schools, universities and of course, at home.

Groups, individuals and organizations are welcome to join us and to use the free branding and add content and activities that suit their targets and capacity: talks, lectures, screenings, study tours etc. Together, we will remind the true value of food, get to know easy solutions to reduce and avoid wasting it and call for a relevant and meaningful policy.

How can I join?

  1. Sign up through the form bellow or send us a mail
  2. Receive and use the free branding materials and post them prior to the days in your social media channels 
  3. Set a team to brainstorm what food waste means to you or your organization and what activity would you like to organize
  4. Invite friends, colleagues, clients
  5. Tell us what you’re planning so we can help you get it publish and also build more media attention to the day


What activities can fit during FWD?

Every group or organization is welcome to get creative, and find the best way for its goals, size and target audience!

Here are a few ideas for activities you can easily organize at work, friends or your community:

  1. A screening and a talk about food waste
  2. Zero food waste week challenge
  3. Zero food waste cooking class
  4. Community garden work with a talk about food waste
  5. Leftovers picnic
  6. Art displays
  7. Sharing tips for food waste reduction at home

Have a better idea? Looking for another suggestion? Let us know!

Write to:, or fill in the form bellow

I wish to join FWD !

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Food Waste Week

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