The tomatoes are too ripe for the salad? The bananas have gone dark and uninviting? Here are a few refreshing recipes to make good use of leftovers.

Crispy veggie peel snack

This is so easy, tasty and snakable. Try it and you will be surprised! 

Ripe tomato Matbukha

This recipe will do justice to tomatoes that spent too much time in the fridge.


Baked Cheese Rings

Hard cheese starting to dry out? Enjoy this fun refreshing snack, suitable for any time of the day.

Green Leaves Salad

You purchased herbs, but needed just a few leaves? make a tasty salad from the leftovers.

Roasted Pumpkin

You bought pumpkin for a casserole, but used part of it. We have a suggestion for the rest of it.

Fresh Fried Rice

Found some sad rice forgotten in the refrigerator? Here is an excellent way to revive it.

Apple Sauce with Tahini

The beautiful apples have begun “aging”?Try this quick, healthy and tasty dish!

Main Course Bread Pudding

You got stuck with a few wrinkly cherry tomatoes in the refrigerator? Try this new comforting recipe.

Pepper Spread

Left with a few useless soft peppers in the refrigerator? It’s time for a pepper spread.

Greek Spinach Pie

Spinach is an excellent source of iron. Here’s a great pie , which may also be frozen until the next meal.

Kuku- Persian Vegetable Pie

You made soup and some casseroles and ended up with extra fragrant herbs? Try this easy pie.

Scorched Lettuce Salad

The lettuce is becoming brown on the edges and not so appetizing? Here’s a terrific idea

Sour milk cake

The milk has gone sour? Before throwing it away, take a look at this winning sour milk cake recipe.

Happy Lasagna

Forgotten corncobs, and withered mushrooms in a basket? These will be taken care of in an original recipe.

Fluffy Green Frittata

Here’s an idea for a fancy frittata that will save nearly expired eggs as well as vegetables which are not very suitable for a salad.

Vegan Corn Pancakes

feel like there is always too many cobs in the corn package? here’s a solution for the unused on the group.

Vegan Pizza Polenta

Sometimes you can catch two birds in a row. That’s the way it goes when you make doughless pizza. Just put all the vegetables that lying just like that in the fridge on top.

Antipasti with Balsamic Reduction

Is the carrot soft? The sweet potatoes black and the guest are on the way? its a great time for antipasti that answer all the needs.


Lime and Mango Cake

You kept the mango in the refrigerator and it became too soft ? Try this refreshing cake.

Wine Jam

Invited friends over and you’re left with an open wine bottle? Use the rest to make jam!

Apple Chips

The apples softened and lost their color? Instead of throwing them out, you can make this healthy, tasty snack.

Photos: Anat Peiser                  Design and creation: Sharp Studio